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  NortheastForestryUniversity (NEFU) is a key university directly administered by the Ministry of Education of China..

  NEFU is located in the city of Harbin where the most standard mandarin Chinese is spoken. It will create an optimum educational opportunity for overseas students to study the Chinese language and culture.

  NEFU, characterized by forestry, has developed into a comprehensive university of science, engineering, management, humanities and law. It is comprised: College of Forestry Economic Management, College of Forestry, College of Landscape Architecture, College of Wildlife Resources, College of Material Science Engineering, College of Electromechanical Engineering, College of Information & Computer Engineering, College of Life Science, College of Civil Engineering, College of Traffic & Transport Engineering, College of Engineering Technique, College of Science, College of Humanities and Social Science, College of Foreign Language, College of Adult Education, College of Vocational Technical. There are also two independent departments, namely Graduate Studies Division and Physical Education Division. The university offers a complete range of disciplines and majors to overseas students.

Chinese Program

  Chinese Training Center of Northeast Forestry University offers courses on different levels for overseas students, including oral Chinese, listening, Chinese Literature, Writing, International Trade, Intensive Reading and HSK Training. The center has basic, elementary, intermediate, advanced level class as well as short-term classes.

  The students will attend a total of 20 hours of class per week. Each class will have no more than 16 students. The teaching will focus on conversation competence. Teachers will adjust arrangement to students on different level. These measures will rapidly improve overseas students’ comprehensive skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing.

  Applicants must abide by Chinese laws and regulations of NEFU. It opens to those who are healthy, no more than 60 years old and hold a high school diploma or equivalent.

Notice: overseas students should pay the tuition fee when they registered. The tuition fee won’t be return to overseas students if they quit or transfer to other university during school session. Other expenses (such as costs of living, food, medical treatment and long travel) paid by overseas students themselves. The university will meet them at the airport or railway station when they register for the first time.

Categories of
Chinese General
Training Program
Short-term Chinese
Training Program

Doctoral Program


For one year
For one month
For one year
For one year
For one year

Registration Fee


Application Time

Applicants can apply Chinese Program at any moment
But applicants must apply before July 30 of each year for degree program.
Start Date and Length
of Schooling:
Spring semester from March to June 30,
Autumn semester form September 1 to December 30

Living Condition

  The foreign students apartment provides perfect conditions for students, with furniture, television, telephone, refrigerator, washing machine, bathroom, public kitchen or private kitchen. Overseas students must pay expenses of electricity, IDD and DDD telephone, cable television (16RMB/ month) and food (about $40—70U.S) by themselves. They can choose apartment according to their living habit and economic condition(US$2 per day—US$5per day).

  Overseas students may use other public facilities of NEFU such as the library, gymnasium. The commercial services on campus such as shop, hospital and laundry will make life convenient.

  The university campus is located at an area in the southern of Harbin renowned for its gardens and parks. To the east of the university is the Arboretum of Harbin, and to the west is the Forest Farm. The lovely campus, with its attractive scenery, is an ideal location for studies.

Extracurricular activities

  The university organizes several journeys and activities every semester, such as skiing, skating, view ice and snow sculptures. These will surely help overseas students have better understanding of Chinese history, culture and custom,

Information of Contact

International Cooperation Office
Hexing Road 26.
DongLi District, Harbin, China
Telephone: +86-451-82191970 82190337
Fax: +86-451-82110148

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